How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic?

                                    How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic Or An Addict?

According to the Office of Health Care Programs at Johns Hopkins University Hospital who developed this screening quiz, if you answer as few as 3 of these questions with a Yes it is a definite sign that your drinking patterns are harmful. These are considered to be alcoholic behaviors.

1. Do you lose time from work due to drinking?

2. Is drinking making your home life unhappy?

3. Do you drink because you are shy with other people?

4. Is drinking affecting your reputation?

5. Have you ever felt remorse after?

6. Have you had financial difficulties as a result of drinking?

7. Do you turn to inferior companions and environments when drinking?

8. Does your drinking make you careless of your family’s welfare?

9. Has your ambition decreased since drinking?

10. Do you crave a drink at a definite time daily?

11. Do you want a drink the next morning?

12. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking?

13. Is drinking or taking drugs jeopardizing your job or business?

14. Do you drink alone?

15. Do you drink to escape from worries or trouble?

16. Have you ever had a loss of memory as a result of drinking?

17. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking?

18. Do you drink to build up your self-confidence?

We will expand each one of these topics to help you decide if you have a drinking problem.

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