Do you suspect you are a problem drinker or an alcoholic?

It’s hard believing that God loves you. You believe that you are a Christian, but don’t know why you drink the way you do. You ask how can God love me when I act so “un-Godly”? Is he punishing me? Am I just a weak woman? We will go through these questions and help you find the answers from within yourself and from what God ok

Let’s start with asking some important questions regarding you and your drinking.

I have included on this blog the survey “How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic?” so that you can take it and find out if you may have a problem.

What I believe (and hope) may be most helpful to you is to go through each question and tell you my own experiences and opinions and things I’ve learned.

Please comment with your experiences and observations/opinions so we can all learn.

Join me in the coming posts!

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